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Moving to a new house is an exciting time where you look forward to designing and decorating your new place for a fresh new start. However, with this excitement comes the hassle and stress of clearing out your old apartment and handing it over to the landlord in its original state. Although you can take care of this aspect yourself, outsourcing handover cleaning in Singapore to a professional company lets you focus on moving into your new apartment.

So what is it and why is it important? What aspects are covered? And what are some of the advantages that you get when you hire handover cleaning services in Singapore? Find out answers to all these questions in the following sections.

Why Is Handover Cleaning Important?

Moving into a new house can be an exciting yet stressful experience. You are excited to set and decorate your new home in a new setting, maybe with some new furniture, upholstery, and curtains etc. But the process of packing up your belongings and moving all the luggage to the new house can become quite daunting at times. The least thing which you would want at that time would be the added stress of handover cleaning and maintenance.

Handover cleaning in Singapore is mandatory when a tenant is about to move out of the apartment.

As part of the rental lease contract with the landlord, you have to leave the house in the exact same state that it was when you moved in. Otherwise, you don’t get your full deposit back. The landlord may refuse to refund the deposit or agree to give a partial refund if he believes that the house is not properly maintained or he notices any minor damage during the final inspection.

Moreover, you would want to leave a nice, clean space for the new tenants before you move out.

Handover Cleaning Checklist

Whether you engage our reliable cleaners or do it yourself, there are some aspects that you must keep in mind. You can ask the landlord for an inspection checklist and make sure you cover all its points to leave the house in good condition. Some of the points that may be included in the checklist are discussed below.

In the case of the living room and bedrooms, You will have to do extensive mopping and dusting of shelves, cupboards, racks, and furniture (if it was already in the apartment). The walls would also need to be cleaned and all holes where wall hangings were hung would need to be sealed and painted.

Extensive cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom is also essential so that all the floor and wall tiles are scrubbed and mopped, shelves cleared and dusted, and the toilet and sink are stain-free.

Some lease agreements may include the clause of shampooing carpets, curtains, and other items that were provided by the landlord. The bottom line is that the house must be returned to the landlord in its original state if you want to receive the full refund of your deposit.

Advantages of Hiring a Handover Cleaning Company in Singapore

When moving out of an apartment, you are indulged in so many tasks and responsibilities that you and your family can become exhausted too quickly. You need to have enough energy and time to pack your belongings, move the luggage to the new space, and unpack everything. Factor in the added responsibility of doing handover cleaning and you are sure to get burnt out. So why not outsource to a reputed company in Singapore?

The following advantages can help you make this choice.

When you outsource these services, you save your time and energy which you can focus on other important tasks related to shifting and moving. You can be assured that while you are busy moving your luggage to the new place, our cleaners will do their job of tidying up your apartment. This will save you time and effort and you will get a clean home during inspection.

We have years of experience in carrying out these services. We have complete know-how of how to do satisfactory handover cleaning while keeping into consideration all the regulations, standards, and best practices in this regard. We also have all the right equipment and technology to bring your apartment into a worthy state to enable you to get a full refund of your deposit.

Another advantage of move-out cleaning services is that you get to focus on moving into the new place and start unpacking your luggage without having to worry about cleaning the old apartment and making small repairs.

Imagine a situation where you move into a house and it is in a filthy state. You will have to clean it up properly before you even start to unpack. On the other hand, if the house you move into is in a spick and span state, you immediately breathe a sigh of relief and can start on with the process of unpacking. Therefore, you would want to leave a clean house for the new tenants and let them enjoy the same feeling of relief as a goodwill gesture.

Engage Us for Handover Cleaning Services in Singapore

When vacating a house to a new home or another one, Handover Tenancy Cleaning is not an option if you want to get all your security deposit without any hitches. The process is not a walk in the park, and that is why you would need handover cleaning specialists to handle the work for you.

We provide a one-stop solution to our clients when it comes to house handover cleaning. We cover all the services under one roof. Including Curtains, Wall Painting Service, Handyman Services. Leaving you a hassle-free process at a competitive price tag and excellent results.

  • Wiping of all surface with disinfectant
  • Wiping of windows, frames, panels & tracks
  • Deep cleanse of kitchen: Degreasing Of Cooker/Hob/Oven/countertops, cabinet, walls & washing machines
  • Wiping of fridges: dismantling of all racks and components & wipe down
  • Deep cleanse of toilets: basin, toilet bowls, shower screen & mirrors
  • Wiping of Ceiling Fans, sliding glass doors, sliding tracks, door handles
  • Wipe down of all furniture
  • Stubborn Stains Removal
  • Floor Vacuuming & Mopping

(All Chemicals, Disinfectant & Detergents are certified by NEA)

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