Weekly Regular House Cleaning

Weekly Regular House Cleaning

Job Scope:

  • Cleaning of toilets
  • Sweep, vacuum and mopping floor
  • Folding & ironing of clothing
  • Emptying of rubbish bins
  • Cleaning of window and grilles when needed
  • Wiping of stove areas

Package Deals:

Once a week – Total 4 sessions $416
Twice a week – Total 8 sessions $828
Thrice a week – Total 12 sessions $1,278
Saturday / Sunday / PH Additional $20 per session
Additional Hour $30 per hour Nett
Registration Fee / Agent Fee FOC

*Every session consists of 4 hours of cleaning


  • Client need to provide all the cleaning products and cleaning materials
  • If cleaning set is require, each set is chargeable at $80 and an additional $30 for vacuum
  • 20% additional surcharge for the month of Peak Period of Hari Raya, Christmas and Chinese New Year
  • Extra hour extension per cleaner: $30 (subject to cleaner availability)

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